Pointers from Coach Brown for College Prospects

If you think you are or desire to be a college football prospect…

  1. Start taking the ACT/SAT in the fall of your junior year, AT THE LATEST!
  2. Don’t just take the test as practice for future tests. STUDY AND PREPARE EACH TIME YOU TAKE THE ACT/SAT. “Khan Academy” is best online resource.
  3. If you qualify for free or reduced lunch, then you can take the SAT AND ACT twice for free! Just fill out the waiver beforehand.
  4. If GPA is a weak point, consider re-taking and “re-placing” core class “D”s and “F”s during your junior year via Florida Virtual School, Adult Ed., or credit retrieval. Eleven core class credits get “locked in” before the senior school year starts for the NCAA Eligibility Clearinghouse, which determines where the student lies on the sliding scale.

NCAA Resources

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